Desi Back to Desh

Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges

We have moved…

It was time to grow up and do something insane.

So we found a new office we couldn’t possibly afford and moved in 12 hours.

This Thursday evening things stood a little cramped.

Friday afternoon they looked a bit busy.

Not to mention messy

But this being our fifth move (home to PIDC, PIDC to new home office, new home office to Amber Estate, Amber Estate to PECHS Block II, Block II to New Campus) in six years we have had a lot of practice.

Essentially it’s a question of labeling and claiming your property.

And hiring lots and lots of smart people…

By Saturday mornings things were under control.

The new conference room was up and running and was inaugurated with one meeting after another

So was my table

Though Mohtashim and Imran were still tweaking the network

But it was finally fixed when we offered Mohtashim as a human sacrifice to the great server rack

Saturday afternoon we were back in business

Some more seriously than others

Of course the privilege of being here first entitles me to quickly create a mess on my desk and invite friends over for a chat

And claim the second best view from a window.

As an old fat obnoxious narcissist once said, long time ago;

It is good to be fat, obnoxious and narcissistic… As long as you have a great team covering your fat, obnoxious, narcissistic behind.

To the Alchemists who made all of this possible and more.