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July, 2008

State Bank raises discount rate by 100 bps

SBP raised the key discount rate by 100 bps this afternoon. The market is expected to take the smaller rate hike positively with yields on treasury bills and PIB heading lower. 6 month KIBOR this morning had declined to lower level after yesterday’s meeting with Bank Presidents. Interbank rates are expected to slide lower in […]

PASHA Career Expo Today

Once upon a time in an industry far far away, there were only four technology companies, only one programming language and a single half way decent computer science program. That was once upon a time (two and a half decades ago) in an industry far far away. Today at the PASHA Career Expo, more than […]

I hope you dance…

I still remember Lee Ann Womack singing these lines in Virginia in 2001. To the special child in my life and the many special children out there in others. Thank you for teaching us in months what we would have never learnt in an entire life time.   I hope you never lose your sense […]

PASHA Study out on paper

After 18 months of joint effort by two consecutive Central Executive Committees and an outstanding Pakistani origin consultant in UK, the PASHA review of software industry is out in print. A soft copy of the executive summary is available here. Printed copies are available from the PASHA secretariat at a small cost. Built on the […]

400 short of 100,000 hits

December 2006 is when DesiBackToDesh moved from blogger to its new home on WordPress. I had started blogging in October 2004 and at the time of the move had been posting infrequently (some things never change) for about 2 years when the big move happened. In those first two years we booked 14,000 hits on […]

Thank you Naeem and Imran

To this day about 20 years ago I was introduced to two coaches of Pakistan Railway’s track and field team. Naeem and Imran, who thought me everything I know about running and endurance. Twenty years later when a thirty seven year old overweight, out of shape, father of three outpaced and out endured a young […]

The last lecture screening at Alchemy

Today at about 12 pm we did a snap screening of the last lecture. It sort of served as an office warming party, an orientation for the most recent member of the Alchemy team and yet more free food. Some of us had already downloaded and seen Randy’s performance at CMU. This was a chance […]