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PASHA Career Expo Today

Once upon a time in an industry far far away, there were only four technology companies, only one programming language and a single half way decent computer science program.

That was once upon a time (two and a half decades ago) in an industry far far away.

Today at the PASHA Career Expo, more than 24 companies will help 3000 young padawans feel the force, nurture and guide it. They will discover if they have it within them to win a pod racing competition, yield a light saber, flirt with destiny, experiment with Faster than light (FTL drive) and sign lucrative multiyear deal with Lucas films (opps, sorry wrong track).

If you have anything to do with computer science, have any doubts about the force within you or would just like to hob knob with the industry who’s who, come and drop by at the Karachi Marriot between 10am and 6pm today where the Jedi council of Pakistan will be on the lookout for The ONE.

Details on Jehan’s blog.

Remember the measure of a man is not how he ends thing but the events he is seen at.

And if you would like to see Adnan and myself flout the dress code in strictly sharia non-compliant wear that has been outlawed by the Taliban feel free to ask for the Alchemy and Pixsense booths.