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Road Trip…

This Saturday morning a bunch of alchemists, their significant others and friends from Lahore took the long road trip to Gawadar. This conspiracy was hatched by none other than our very own favourite cousin (as in MI6 and CIA) from Lahore, Jareer, with two members of the dev team who will remain unnamed. Unfortunately for Jareer by the time he got back from Lahore, this romantic getaway for three had turned into a full scale invasion of privacy by entertainment starved Karachites.

The trip started unsuspectingly for most of us till we reached zero point of the Makran Coastal highway. We had been on the roads for a few hours and the aging RCD highway (now under renovation) had done its fair share to aid digestion and other allied human failings. With the next bathroom about 243 kilometers away it was suggested that we take this opportunity to do the needful.

On further investigation it was divulged that the needful needed to be done behind the ample cover of local shrubbery.

Let’s just say that some were more relieved than others.

But this was minor inconvenience was soon forgotten when we hit the beach at Kund Malir. 241 Kilometers from Karachi, the only sign of civilization was a hand operated pump for diesel, a few mud huts (yup we finally found some in Pakistan), a fishing village,

and an unlimited supply of white (ok off white, but still a sand part from the oily gray clifton and sandspit) sand and crashing waves.

We knew that this was absolutely the right idea when we first snuk a peak on the road ahead towards Hingol National Park.

Curves and bends galore, it made for some interesting moments when the aging diesel engine used by our bus groaned under the combined weight of sixteen well fed alchemists leaning out of the window to grab a shot of amazing panaromic views

and naturally sculptured rock and sand formations that could give the sphinx in Egypt a good ride for her money.

The ride lasted till about 4 pm when we crash landed at Ormarah desperately in need of nature break and sustenance, not necessarily, in that order. You can imagine the relief we felt by the impromptu show put on the Alchemy cheer leading squad when they found there was a roof, a wall and running water around the outhouse.

Part two of this exciting adventure will be posted early next morning… Please stay on this channel.