Desi Back to Desh

Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges

Road Trip, continued

The ride from Ormarah onwards was un-eventful.

Once we left our luxurious pit stop and out house behind, we were all looking forward to our 5 star bathrooms at the Zaver PC, which was unfortunately only 290 odd kilometers westwards on a flat unwinding road. There were glimpses of distant waters and mounds of brackish sand but no breath taking vistas to distract you. In the absence of any external inspiration, playing cards came out and the hustlers from Lahore went one on one against the hustlers from Karachi.

It took us over 4 and a half hours to trudge the distance by our driver who insisted on driving below the speed limit on an empty open road.

Once we got there it was like a iftar on luxury after a long day fast. Singles packed themselves three to a room.

After a quick shower and a long dinner the adventure foundation of Alchemy went on an exploratory trip of Gwadar PC that ended in about 8 minutes once we had done a full round of the premises,

taken the obligatory snapshots and found the gaming room with a pool table.

Come early morning some of us had partied harder than others, the night before and cetirus peribus (showing off my poor spelling skills in Latin), took longer to recover than others. There were rumours floating about illegal photo sessions in room 314 that have now become part of Alchemy folklore.

The bus driver and our guides were shocked when they found that we were already finished with breakfast and were ready to hit the jet ski’s at 7:45 am in the morning. The poor souls had just woken up. Time to kill lead to a short notice Alchemy model’s photo shoot some of which were published and some will never see the daylight again.

Can’t keep us alchemists without food or action for too long. Fifteen minutes later we decided to go find the bus ourselves.

A few minor hitches and an hour later we were on the beach and a wild party involving two jet ski’s and atleast one 37 year old (fat, obnoxious and with a camera) not acting his age was in full swing on the south western coast line of our country.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

At 11:30 am, two hours after our landing, one drowning attempt, two back flips, three graceful sideway flops and one unoperational jet ski later, the party was over. Quick search for the bus turned into an hour long wait. Once the bus showed up we headed back to the PC and set a new Alchemy record of showering, changing and checking out in less than 30 minutes for a group of 16 consenting adults.

Except for moments of temporary weakness

The trip back home was un-eventful.

(if you really believe that, I am not sure you really understand the alchemy spirit. Ah well, another post, another time…)