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Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges

September, 2008


It begins with hope. Hope that you will be able to do what you want to do the way you want to do it. And in doing so change your little part of the world. Maybe make your point, take your stand and survive. On a good day possibly even make money. Where there is […]

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John LeCarre, this country, and the elections in November

I am a sucker for happy endings, nachos and cheese with Jalapeños. As a young adult I used to dream Bond movies in full color (though I finally got to watch my first Bond movie well into my 20’s once Pierce Brosnan took over as the new Bond). On odd weekends you can still find […]

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You know you are management when…

You touch your blog with a technological tool and it goes down for 3 days. The only way it comes up again is when you beg your tech guru to fix it. When you try and do the same, yourself, your blog goes down for 3 more days.

Shameless marketing plug

Alchemy first workshop on the joint Alchemy and SP Jain platform will be held on the 15th and 16th of November in Dubai at the custom built SP Jain Campus Executive Education facility in Academic city. This would be our 7th international workshop following previous events in Dubai, Riyadh, Bangkok and Singapore. Since May 2007, I have […]

After thoughts…

Sometimes it may be just cheaper to build a pool and buy a ping pong table. But then where would I get the material for my next book.

Things they never taught me at Columbia Business School…

Despite my numerous comments about how much I owe Bruce Greenwald, Mark Broadie, Don Sexton and Ralph Biggadike on this blog, there are a few thing that they didn’t get around to covering in my all too short stay in school. Here is my list The link between dropping kids to school and closing deals […]

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Gary Travnicek

It was a Tampa, Florida type of a day. Hot and humid! I could also say bright and shiny but the thick air that hit you when you stepped out of your cool room didn’t leave space for any other reaction. Hot and humid, it was. Gary came to pick me up from the Holiday […]

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No, woman, no cry

Just two Youtube pieces. The first, Will Smith on Bob Marley. 2 minutes from I am Legend that had such a huge impact when Fawzia and I saw this movie last December on New Year ‘s Eve. The second, one of the most beautiful songs ever made. So when you are ready to give up […]

Of Traffic Jams, Equilibrium and John Nash

(Photo credit and source) Deep in the middle of the MBA, our strategy professor introduced John Nash and Nash’s equilibrium. I didn’t get it. Since the course was a case based, no final exam, high end elective, it was all right for me to not get Nash and manage barely with a low end B. […]

A child is a lamp…

A child is a lamp waiting to be lit, not a vessel that needs to be filled… Some of you, the oldest and closest of my readers, remember BBS; Baby Boy Salahuddin born on 19th February 2005 at his grandmother’s clinic and then rushed to AKU’s neo natal ICU on his first day on planet […]

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