Desi Back to Desh

Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges

Old friends…

Amir and I grew up together in Bombay. To be accurate the “togetherness” was the alternate summer we used to spend at our grandfather’s apartment on Club Road, right behind the YWCA, opposite Nair hospital. But the intensity of the experience was enough to make it last for the next two years.

The summer we turned 18 (it was a long time ago), we fell in love together with two different people and compared notes on heart breaks. On the side we did interesting things that I escaped from scot free on account of my transit status but they landed Amir in a lot of trouble. Enough trouble for us to not meet till we were married and settled down with children.

Here is a rare snap shot of the two of us trying very hard to stay out of trouble.

A few years ago Amir moved to Dubai and I started travelling again on account of business to the city. Amir grew up to be a respectable banker, while I like to think that I am still the same free spirit with trouble as a middle name.