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Poetic justice

After ordering really bad food by phone or having no food at all or having food bought 8 hours ago and left to cool down in my mini fridge on four separate trips to Singapore, I find out that there is this really nice little Bali restaurant, right across the road from the SP Jain campus open till late at night that serves halal meat. On the evening I am supposed to head back home on the last day of my fourth trip.

The food situation arose because evening classes ended at 10:30pm and by that time the traditional, conventional Singapore malls are already closed. Road side eating joints are open and you can go to little India, Arab Street or the Quays to dig for food but after teaching 3 hours for four consecutive days the last thing you want to do is experiment with food.

It appears that little Bali and I have some catching up to do on my next trip out to rain forest.

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