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I have been teaching at SP Jain’s Singapore campus since 2007. Since 2007 I had been cooking up plans of making it to the Bukit Timah nature reserve right in the middle of Singapore. This trip the plans finally came through despite last minute nap attacks, late nights, later mornings and a crazy work schedule.

Previous chance encounters with nature had left me unprepared for what followed.

There is a lot to be said for the therapeutic effect of being surrounded by a canopy of greenery with no signs of humanity except

For the twisted path that takes you deeper into the rain forest. If you branch off any of the trails that go off the main path heading towards the summit you quickly find yourself in the midst of cluster of trees, vines, creepers and shade teeming with life. Delve a little deeper and you are twice removed from civilization.

The unprepared part was the two bottles of water, a change of clothing, a dry towel and

The myocardial infraction that hits you when you attempt to make it past the steep climb that takes you to the summit. You can only capture it on your way down since you are too busy trying to avoid a heart attack on your way up.

All this for the cost of a bus and train ride to Bukit Timah shopping plaza.