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April, 2009

An abridged history of technology industry in Pakistan, two

1991 is the year when the world changed for me forever. At the beginning of my fourth term at FAST ICS my father went out and bought me an Intel 286 DTK computer. He borrowed 30,000 rupees from two elders in my extended family. For us as a household, it was an unthinkable amount and […]

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If I could give away the Nobel prize, or Taliban bogey II

When it comes to combining objective writing with scathing sarcasm no one comes close to my honorary friend, Sepoy, at Chapati Mystery (actually we have never met and have exchanged all of two emails over the last 24 months). But the gent in questions writes such lovely prose and says exactly the things that I […]

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An abridged history of technology industry in Pakistan – one

Every now and then someone comes along and questions how far we have come as an industry or what have we achieved as a group over the last two decades. I have been thinking about doing this post for a while but a recent exchange on CIO Pakistan reinforced the urge. Here goes. Early impressions, […]

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The Entrepreneurship crash course comes to Karachi

Jehan arm twisted me again to teach the dreamers course I teach at SP Jain, Dubai, in Karachi and Lahore. I had spoken about running something similar back home a few months ago and she had been on my case to do this sooner than later. So this weekend, I will be running a two […]

The things one needs to do in this country to get reviewed

One of the joys of having an office in Karachi is Adnan Haider’s company when he drops in town to get away from all that is Dubai. In the few days that it takes for him to quickly get Dubai-sick as well as Karachi-sick (not necessarily in that order) I am normally able to twist […]

Building your brand, Engro Foods and Omore…

Donald Sexton‘s International Marketing class was scheduled for Thursday evening, an hour before happy hour at Columbia. In 12 sessions spread over twelve weeks Don planned on teaching us everything we ever needed to know about building global brands. Each class would start and end with Don’s personal collection of the best advertising done in […]


Using Pakistan Risk…

Warning: Technical Marketing Plug read at your own risk… In a response to question about what exactly would someone do with Pakistan Risk Review other than using it as an expensive paper weight, this post was drafted. I possibly need to write a book to explain the terminology, if you are not a risk professional; […]

Umar Saif does it again…

Some people just don’t know how to keep out of news (good news that is). Babar at Telecompk bags the scoop once more on Umar Saif picking up the MIT Technovator award for 2008, which is the most recent in the long list of news worthy Umar Saif breakthroughs.

Deal flow and PRR

One more done, three more to go… Pakistan Risk Review and the Alchemy FILM/FILAC/ALARM ultra secret product (we are still arguing on the name) formal launch sometime next week, PRR printed copies expected this weekend. April edition (volume 2), read to go to print on the 25th. Keep that feedback coming in.

The joys of daylight savings…

Cooler mornings and I get home when there is still light. On the downside, feel jetlagged all the time.

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