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Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges

Hope springs eternal…

I will be the first to admit that I am a sucker for self pity. Every 72 hours I get panic attacks reviewing the idiocy, inspiring decisions I make with money and finance. I have even gone out and said that the surest way of losing capital is to do an MBA with a major in Finance.


If it wasn’t for the eternal optimist in me (all credit to my father’s side since on the maternal side we are all worriers), there wouldn’t be an Alchemy today. Or an Avicena, or a blue screen of death or everything else associated with what I would call reckless endangerment of personal and private property.

Day before yesterday we closed our first deal in 12 months. Today we closed two more. It will still take a few more months before we start seeing cash and start paying down the debt we have accumulated since August, but atleast the resistance to close jinx has been broken. It doesn’t matter if the deal is large or small, what matters is we expected to survive and by the grace of God we are almost there. It took all of us to make that happen, but it’s done. Almost!

Be a realist, but not for too long. Better to be an optimist. Don’t worry about what would happen when the sky falls down; do what you can till it does, then we will see…