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One step at a time…

When a good friend described me as Viagra and dope pimp given the links spread across my blog and the RSS feed, I had to upgrade to 2.7. Yes, I know, peer pressure is a terrible thing.

Given my technically luddite status, despite my first degree in computer science, I was happy to note that the first page loaded very well and the word press administration page worked well enough for me to add half a dozen widgets to my side bar.

A side bar is such a terrible thing to waste.

And then the sky fell down and we went back to the sucky blue dark age template.

After two nights of painful extraction sucky blue is no more and we actually have a three column theme that is quite nice and similar to the colors we used to have.

However you still can’t go anywhere beyond the first page, when it comes to browsing this fine blog. No loss there. You can read my newest posts without any trouble. The old ones didn’t have anything worth reading in any case.

And if you fine gentlemen, more comfortable with pressing words then I am, would be kind enough to lend a helping hand to a tottering soon to be forty year old, it would be most appreciated.

Moral of the story: Being a dope and Viagra pimp is so much better than trying to figure our 500 server errors by oneself.

Oh and did I mention you won’t be able to comment, since you can’t get onto the post page.

Happy reading!