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Random strangers and Horatios

We don’t appreciate the home ground advantage enough. Everything we have done over the last six years can be traced back to a handful of benefactors, well wishers, supporters and random strangers who do introductions and deals without asking for a cent in return.

But the last one week has been really special. Things are stressed as is on account of multiple product launches but they rapidly de-escalate when a friend comes through with something you really need to make it work.

Day One: Two phone calls is what it takes to get everything I need to know about selling online, Search Engine Optimization and driving traffic to the PRR soft launch from the team that wrote the book on the subject.

Day Two: Another phone call takes care of setting up a point of sale machine at the office to take care of phone and fax credit card orders.

Day Three: Friend number three and four offer to take care of two new sections permanently.

Day Four: Run into a recent Columbia graduate at the consulate that turns what has always been an awkward interview into a very pleasant interaction.

Day Five: Get a brain dump from the master in building media images and PR campaigns on building one for PRR over a quick bite.

Day Six: A conference call that might as well get the ball rolling on Alchemy Inc and a completely new product line with a pre-sold customer.

Day Seven: Yet another Horatio offers to help out with getting the right traffic onto the hard launch event for PRR.

It won’t be inaccurate to say that the entire six years have been like that. Before you ask for help, someone will offer you a hand. Every second day someone challenges my optimism. All I need to do is look back at the hands that have helped us get where we are today to know that the cynics are wrong.