Desi Back to Desh

Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges

The Islamabad Visa run

Leave Karachi at 6:00pm on Sunday evening

Land in Islamabad at 8:15pm

Check in at lsloo accommodation by 9:15pm

Head out to Diplomatic Shuttle Service (DSS) pick up point at 6:30am, the next morning

Shock and dismay at discovering the other 200 people ahead of you in the line at the DSS at 6:45am

Get your DSS ticket (200 return from the embassy of your choice) at 7:10am

Deposit cell phone on counter number 1, clear DSS security by 7:20am

Board DSS bus by 7:35am

Land at US embassy at 8:00am

Pickup application and clear embassy security by 9:00am

Out at 9:45am

Wait state for DSS shuttle till 10:15am

Head back to drop off point – 10:30am

Back in hotel room – 10:45am

Next time when Amex suggests that you be there at the DSS counter at 6:30am, be there at 6:30am