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The service quality paradox…

Why is the food at McDonalds in Pakistan consistently tasteless, toppings on a pizza from Pizza hut consistently distributed and the turkey at Subway absolutely gorgeous?

Why is the delivery service at McDonalds and Subway totally lost, but at Pizza Hut reasonably consistent? Why is the twenty four hour driven in at Clifton halfway decent?

I think we do a great job of implementing franchise processes in this country but do a terrible job at crafting and implementing our own. I hate Airblue because they are inconsistent; I can live with McDonald’s, despite the tasteless food, because they are not.

We have deployed and implemented our own processes at Alchemy, some have worked very well, while others have not. I am sure there is a science behind this and I am also sure that it is not rocket science. What I don’t understand is the reason why good quality processes and this nation are like fire and water. We just don’t mix. Levi’s comes in and produces export quality wear in the same country with the same resources in the same city where a McRoyale can’t find its way to my office in time.