Desi Back to Desh

Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges

The things one needs to do in this country to get reviewed

One of the joys of having an office in Karachi is Adnan Haider’s company when he drops in town to get away from all that is Dubai. In the few days that it takes for him to quickly get Dubai-sick as well as Karachi-sick (not necessarily in that order) I am normally able to twist his arm and extract favors that are difficult to come by. And then there are my trips to Dubai where I am able to ensnare the always trusting Adnan in judging budding students and their exciting business plans.

On his last trip I gave him a copy of the soon to be released Pakistan Risk Review and asked him to write a review before the publication hit our circulation list. And then over the next ten days I became the master of outrageous guilt trips.

Adnan finally caved in and wrote the nicest and the only review that we have received so far. Thank you Adnan! It is a joy being your evil mentor. You would do any Sith Lord proud.