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May, 2009

The evolution of a risk manager

Pakistan Risk Review – Editorial for the second issue As we wrapped up work on the second issue of Pakistan Risk Review, I sat down and took a few minutes to look back at my relationship with risk over the last decade. Just as this publication has evolved dramatically over the last 12 months, my […]

Mothers, wives and sisters

Ammi’s is in Liaqat on account of emergency knee surgery and Fawzia is staying over with her tonight. It’s only when mothers, wives and sisters are away that we realize how strongly they hold a house together and how helpless us lesser mortals are without them.

High hopes…

What do Frank Sinatra, John F. Kennedy, Ants (the movie), Sesame Street, Taha, Jehan and the rest of us ordinary mortals have in common? Next time your found, with your chin on the groundThere a lot to be learned, so look around Just what makes that little old antThink he’ll move that rubber tree plantAnyone […]

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An abridged history of the technology industry in Pakistan, three

When the time came for us to graduate things had started to get exciting. GUI tools were getting more impressive. Borland was getting the whacking of a life time at the hands of Microsoft in everything other than development environments and was returning the favor in IDE’s (Integrated Development Environments). The era of Word Star […]

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