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Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges

June, 2009

Where the blankety blank have I been?

I moved to Tahiti. Didn’t like it too much. It was too hot and everything had sand in it. Then tried out Hawaii for a few days, but I can’t surf to save my life and these tropical paradises are someone else’s vision of what the ideal temperature in paradise should be like. What is […]

On Expectations and POGs…

Once upon a time I used to think that given a chance most individual will rise up to your expectations. Needless to say this expectation got me into a lot of trouble. Still does. As recently as Monday afternoon! But then despite a few unfortunate exceptions including the one on Monday, most individuals that I […]

My name is Taha…

Aneeka picks up interesting quotes to put beside the entrance of her room. Monday morning the board read “The only disability is a bad attitude.” I wonder what it feels like to be the four year old behind my son’s eyes. Aneeka and her approach have made a world of difference. We now have more […]