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My name is Taha…

Aneeka picks up interesting quotes to put beside the entrance of her room. Monday morning the board read “The only disability is a bad attitude.”

I wonder what it feels like to be the four year old behind my son’s eyes.

Aneeka and her approach have made a world of difference. We now have more eye contact, a much better attention span and he is the only one of our three children who can actually recognize words at the age of 4. He is spending a lot more time with books. Amin didn’t start reading well into KG-2 and Taha and Salwa share the same flash cards though she will be starting grade 1, this August.

My name is Taha; he will tell you if you ask him, with a bit of prompting. If he really likes you he may even spell it out. And yesterday he drew his first proper circle. And he wants Wheetos and water though for some odd reason that I still need to figure out, he calls them corn.