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July, 2009

Blue Screen of Death – in print

Thanks to a very generous student who helped put the deal together, the Blue Screen of Death (retitled Reboot) will be out in print within the next three weeks. Taking advance orders now for the print edition. The book has been printed in Singapore. Drop me a line in the number of copies you would […]

Alternate route to the airport…

As of 10:30 -11:00 am there was a fair amount of standing water immediately after the Shahra-e-Faisal Bridge to the airport. If you need to still get to Karachi airport to catch a flight or pick up a visitor, take a right into Shah Faisal Colony and follow the road into Shah Faisal till you […]

The first to cast a stone…

I will break an internal taboo today and a personal resolve to keep politics out of this blog. The last time I did this was post December 27th. There has been a very interesting and at times heated debate going on in the paper world on the fate of the local body system but the […]

Looks like rain

Finally it seems that we will get a shower that may be a bit more than the wimpy drive bys we have been getting these last few weeks. About time too, if you ask me. Dark clouds, rolling thunder, light breeze and lots of birds hovering about. Here comes the rain… Update: Spoke too soon… […]

PASHA CEO Lunch and TPS Tower

I have always had a soft corner for TPS. I met Sohail, Owais and Shahzad for the first time when they were nominated for the APICTA ICT Awards in Macau. Then we together crashed and burned in front of MIT’s E-Lab’s Ken Morse elevator pitching our products. However Sohail came out as the star of […]