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Alternate route to the airport…

As of 10:30 -11:00 am there was a fair amount of standing water immediately after the Shahra-e-Faisal Bridge to the airport. If you need to still get to Karachi airport to catch a flight or pick up a visitor, take a right into Shah Faisal Colony and follow the road into Shah Faisal till you hit the new flyover, take the flyover down to Makro and then turn left from Star gate into the old terminal one route. Take the inside roads to terminal three.

The bridge that connects the inside route from the airport and Malir to Gulistan-Jauhar is broken and you will have to turn back. If you are coming from DHA go towards Korangi Industrial Area and take a left after Singer Chowk towards the new bridge over Malir River that connects Korangi Industrial Area with Shah Faisal Colony. Once you get to Shah Faisal Colony wait till you hit the main artery then take a right towards the Star gate/Makro fly over. And then repeat.

Follow the same instructions heading back. As of 1:30 Nursery was clear of water (still a mess but thank God no more water) and except for the area under cantonment board, Shahrae-Faisal was mostly open and dry. Korangi to Kalapul was also dry except for a wet patch infront of NIC building.

It’s been an interesting day.