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PASHA CEO Lunch and TPS Tower

I have always had a soft corner for TPS. I met Sohail, Owais and Shahzad for the first time when they were nominated for the APICTA ICT Awards in Macau. Then we together crashed and burned in front of MIT’s E-Lab’s Ken Morse elevator pitching our products. However Sohail came out as the star of the show and Ken and Bill were both quite keen on helping TPS breakout of the organic growth scene. Last year Shahzad pitched TPS’s product at the APICTA ICT Awards in Jakarta and came home with the gold.

Yesterday Shahzad and Owais invited 30 odd PASHA CEO’s for lunch at the brand new, TPS Tower building and man in lean times like these it was so good to see a home grown desi company doing so well. You go guys; you made all of us proud yesterday.

Updated: Photo’s courtesy the flicker stream of MAQ Khan.

Those of you who recognize the building, quick question… What does it say about the industrial future of this country when a building used by a textile weaving unit is taken over by a software switch manufacturer? When day laborers and sweat shops are replaced by a corporate dinning, gaming and conference rooms, cubicles and 27 degree temperatures?

There is hope for us technology types. Do not write us off as yet.