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The first to cast a stone…

I will break an internal taboo today and a personal resolve to keep politics out of this blog. The last time I did this was post December 27th.

There has been a very interesting and at times heated debate going on in the paper world on the fate of the local body system but the blog sphere has been strangely silent. With the state of politics and politicians I would normally support the stand. Unfortunately this is one issue that will not simply go away if we ignore it. The future of the local body system, whatever shape and form it takes, will impact our lives directly. Though we may not care about who our sitting MNA and MPA’s are today, whether we have a Nazim or a union council member, 6 month down the road will change how we live our lives.

Don’t leave this to Isloo or the politicians to sort out.

I am not a constitutional expert but I A Rehman’s balanced article on local government blues in Thursday’s Dawn presents a good objective review of the case.