Desi Back to Desh

Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges

She beat me to it…

There is nothing to make your day like a taste of good old fashioned mutual admiration society (MAS). And when it comes to blogging to send a little bit of MAS your way, no one does it better than my friend Jehan. Now if only some of my other missing in action friends (yes, this means you Adnan), would wake up and do the needful, I could possibly pay off all of my debts and find retirement in a quiet and peaceful corner in Karachi.

Also to a number of other friends who only wanted to see a copy of the book in print after all the hard work we put in getting it out there, a picture of the artifact has been duly posted on Jehan’s blog.

And she also managed to locate and post one of those rare-collectable snaps of me wearing a tie, a suite, shaved, with matching socks and shoes. Previous snaps have included ties, suites, socks and shoes, not necessarily together or in that order.

Agent ho to aisa ho. J