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Hans Rosling, Gapminder & Google.

Two days ago I received a cryptic email from a prospective client. It had a link and a simple “Take a look at this please.”

I did.

I recommend that you do the same.

Hans Rosling and Google together have done more for statistics with their tool, their presentation and their data aggregation than all of the forty odd text books I have read on the subject in my entire life. GDP, Income, Poverty, Child Mortality, Trade, Investment, you name it, they have got it from the late 1800’s to early 2007. And in such a comprehensible shape and form that it put EIU and PRR to shame.

Which leads to an interesting sidebar about the 40 odd statistics text book mentioned above รจ An average of about two text books a year, assuming I started following the subject at the age of 18. Funny and sad, since after legally attaining the age of adulthood, rather than following “conventional” newly attained adulthood vices, I focused my energy on statistics and numbers.

Recommended reading/viewing/playing for all of us who were given nightmares by numbers and stats.

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