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My new belly button

Somehow after talking about Pakistan Risk Review and new venture failure and Reboot for the last few months it seems quite odd to a do a post about my new belly button.

I mean what would the neighbors think?

Here is the scoop. Last Thursday after experimenting with three different families of antibiotics over three weeks, I finally gave in and went under the scalpel to get rid of a persistent infected cyst. Apparently the correct treatment is application of local anesthetic, followed by a surgical incision followed by poking, prodding and scrapping by various surgical instruments accompanying by suitable loud sound effects by yours truly. Surprisingly enough the minor outpatient surgery hurt a lot less than the twice a day, daily change of my dressing. I have more scars to show on account of sticky paper tapes than the original ventilating hole in my side, lovingly rechristened as my new belly button.

The three week long antibiotics stint has also not been without side effects. I now not just look like an Ogre, but also eat like an Ogre. I have always weighed more than an Ogre so we can’t blame Lincomycin for that.