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Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges

The PASHA ICT Awards are here…

2005We are nominated for the financial application category and to our surprise pick up the first prize.

2006 – Seven of us land in Thailand on two separate flights after a wild night of crises set at the airports in Bahrain, Karachi, Bangkok and Chiang Mai. We represent PASHA and Pakistan on day one; explore Chiang Mai on day two, three and four; lodge double occupancy at 17 dollars a night, but head home empty handed. The PASHA delegation picks up a category win.

2006 Year end – Three judges and a handful of companies land in sleepy Macau to wakeup the regional ICT circles. We get noticed but come back with a single honorable mention. On the way back home via Bangkok we lock in our partners in Thailand, our competitors in our category in 2005.

2007 – We are back with a vengeance in Singapore. Imran and I check in at the Linc, Jehan at the Stamford. We compete in the morning, get lost in Singapore at night and eat our hearts out at three different Halal delis during the day. A mix of Red hot Japanese Raman, mild oriental cuisine and an endless supply of sweet coconuts propel Adnan from Pixsense to a tie and Netsol to a win.

2008 – Dateline Jakarta. The PASHA delegation makes a clean sweep in 3 of the 6 categories we compete in. Within a year Pixsense has a customer in Indonesia.

2009 – The PASHA ICT Awards site is now open for submissions. Watch out Australia, here we come.

If there is one national competition you participate in this year, make sure it is the PASHA ICT Awards. And if you win, you can gate crash the one regional competition that will get you noticed in the Asia Pacific region and let you know in no uncertain terms if you deserve to carry the badass attitude (in a good way) you think you have been carrying.

Here is a short interview with Jehan on the awards site on why you should go. Seconded by Adnan

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