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And the reviews keep rolling in

After much arm twisting and threats from unknown origin, Adnan Haider, ex student, fellow judge, old friend weighs in with his opinion on Reboot.

It appears that Adnan has been spending too much time with Richard Morgan since he has also started speaking like Takeshi Kovacs. That and I think his new prescription glasses are not working at all since he also classifies me as chubby and mild mannered. Wrong on both counts, Adnan. I am round, not chubby and as for the mild mannered bit, ask any fellow Alchemist and client about my manners, mild or otherwise.

But a review is a review and is always appreciated. Thank you Adnan. I will let him speak

“Reboot is not just a book, it is a mindset I was introduced to when I first met Jawwad. A mindset with a dangerously high viral load, so be aware.

In Fall 2003, I took a fateful course that didn’t quite change the course of my life (much to the disappointment of my instructor), but did radically rewire my perspective. From the course outline, Bootstrapping New Ventures seemed like an innocuous course taught by a mild-mannered instructor, just like Reboot sounds like a mild bed time read written by a chubby, geeky 30-something author. Except the chubby, geeky 30-something part, you’d be wrong on all counts. Yes, the book is as engaging as the course, but no milder than the instructor who brazenly shouted a certain four letter word in class, and unembarrassed, continued on…”

Adnan Haider Rizvi, Co-Founder Lootmaar, Blogger, Fullbright scholar and Duke Alumni