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Robert Ferrigno, Reboot and me…

My favorite hangout is a large format bookstore. Think anywhere in the world, think library stacks, think of Borders, think of me.

Three years ago on a business trip to Malaysia, a new fiction release caught my eye. It had an interesting cover, sort of a patchwork of the US flag and the Islamic Crescent and an even interesting premise: Islamic Republic of North America, the Assassins creed and 21st century Seattle. If you are not hooked onto the many Assassin themes floating around, you would have found the book to be exceedingly disturbing. But beyond the violence the picture Prayers painted of a world that is very much possible was so far out that you couldn’t read it without being disturbed.

But that initial introduction was enough for me to open the first few pages and decide that I liked the content and the style. Ever since I read Resurrection Day by Brendon Dubois, I had developed a weakness for both alternate history and alternate futures and Robert Ferrigno’s
Prayers for an Assassin, fit right in. Interestingly this was Robert’s first venture into the alternate future/history after doing very well with crime fiction. And the deeper I dug into Robert’ work, the better I liked it.

When I finished the book, I dropped Robert a line of appreciation and forgot all about it. He wrote back a few days later and we have stayed in touch ever since. When Reboot finally came out in print Robert Ferrigno’s name was on my list of friends to send an early review copy. Here is what he wrote about the book today.

“In Reboot, Jawwad Ahmed Farid, not only tells his personal journal from success to failure and back again, but he does it with wit and insight, and a self-deprecating humor that draws the reader in. More than just a story of one man’s struggle, the book is an examination of what truly constitutes success and failure, offering the insight that they are not so much opposites, as two aspects of the search for a righteous and honorable challenge. I am richer for having read it, and wish I could have many cups of tea with the author.”

Robert Ferrigno, New York Times bestselling author of the Prayers for the Assassin, Scavenger Hunt, the Wakeup and Heartbreaker

When Robert is not writing books, he specializes in day jobs that most people dream about.

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