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The easiest 1,000 dollars you could ever make.

In a down cycle, things are difficult. Customers are reluctant, marketing budgets are tight, promotional campaigns are non-existent. For a startup or a small venture, the down cycle blues are even more severe.

So if you were in the mood for free exposure, customer facing opportunities and a hard cash, immediate settlement prize worth Rs.83,100 or the equivalent 1,000 US$ where would you go?

You would go to the very first All Pakistan PASHA Tech Crunch Gong Event where PASHA has gone to the trouble of bringing in a who’s who of the technology industry as sponsors, the cream of our customer list as judges and audiences, CIO Magazine for live from the scene coverage and all of our peers as fellow conspirators to create instantaneous energy, buzz, excitement and deal making fervor. In a down cycle what more could you ask for?

Come in, register and try your hand at pitching. What is the worst that can happen? Details on Jehan’s blog and the PASHA ICT Award homepage.