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Adil Moosajee on Failure

There is something that Adil said during our Q&A session about failure that is still resonating with me. The question dealt with retaining a positive outlook after failing and Adil jumped in with a great analogy.

“Have you ever cooked a new dish?”, he asked the audience. “Yes”, they said.

“There must have been instances when the dish didn’t come out right. And when that happened, there was nothing wrong with you, the cook, it was the recipe that had to be adjusted. With a tweaked recipe, the same dish that failed, could be a great winner”.

Businesses are like that. Product, Customers, Pricing, Positioning, Execution, Costing even Location are all part of the great recipe mix. Sometimes a simple tweak within the mix can revive a failing business.

With due credit to Adil, I am going to steal this exchange and use it shamelessly in my presentations.

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