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Ken Morse is in town

Ken Morse was in town the last two nights on his signature whirlwind trip to Karachi. Luckily enough we were able to catch up with him at the Pre-BAP dinner at Farrokh Captain’s home and then again yesterday at the MIT CEF Innovation Confernece.

During his Keynote at the conference Ken reinforced the points he has been trying to teach us for the last three years.

  1. Go out and eat you competition’s lunch in their home town before they come in and eat yours.
  2. Before you can sell you need to figure out the real numerical value for what you save or create for your customers.
  3. You need to put that in a simple and easy to understand pitch that comes under a page and go forth and pitch.
  4. A pitch that comes together is many a splendored thing

Ken as usual was entertaining and inspiring. And the audience reacted to him the same way we reacted to him three years ago. I still remember trying to get over the global business versus local niche debate with him and the pains of putting together a pitch that could be delivered in under a minute to a customer.

And then during the competition he asked the BAP participants about the voice of the customer and his pain. But more on that later…

Thank you Ken, it is always a pleasure.

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