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Monday morning blues

Sometimes when I am in slow mode, I get hit by Monday morning blues on Tuesday afternoons. You know the drill. Don’t want to face the world, don’t want to talk to anyone, don’t want period. Just me, myself and my prescription of misery.

After a break of about a year, I got hit by a dose of Monday morning blues this Tuesday. Took me a while to convince myself to get out and show up for work. You can imagine the severity when I tell you that I finally made it to my desk at about 4:30 pm, PST. And now that daylight savings is off, that would be about 5:30 pm effective last week.

Maybe it was the haze in Lahore yesterday, or the late night flight in, or the misty morning in Karachi today.

But no worries, there is nothing in the world that Fawzia, kids and a fresh from the stove cheese hot dog Paratha roll won’t fix.

See you tomorrow morning at TieCon. Thank God that it will be Wednesday by then.