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“Let’s just say I dare to dream bigger dreams”, said a spunky student when the rest of the class was done with introducing themselves. Quite a few sunsets and students later, the dreamer called again. This time he wanted to be a sponge and observe in first person the special sauce that made a technology […]

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Scenes of mayhem…

I get to teach another course at S P Jain in Dubai and end up with a group open book, open laptop, open network final on a fine Friday morning after teaching till mid night the night before. Here are some scenes of anguish, pain, denial, rage and suffering from my lovely students. Nilesh (below) […]

MIT BAP, Ken Morse, TAN and Pakistan

The setting was a small conference room at the Marriot in the year that was 2006. We had heard Ken Morse was making a brief stopover in town on his way to Isloo and Nida my MIT sister had managed to pick up four invitations from the MIT Club in Karachi. We were a very […]

A penny for your thoughts, pretty woman, or the myth about raising capital

“What follows may be considered as rated material in some parts of the world. If you are juvenile masquerading as an adult this is about the right time for you to move on to the other unrated posts.” There is no easy way to say what I am going to say. Please forgive me. It […]

Teaching at SP Jain, Singapore

Here is to a wold which is so much smaller and closer than the one I grew up in – where it is perfectly normal for a Pakitani practitioner to teach at an Indian University in Singapore. The program, Global and Executive MBA run by SP Jain Institute of Management and Research. The Instiute is […]

The Nishtar School Project – What can you do to help?

We need money primarily to make a point. Even with the same raw materials, the same teachers, the same students, the same community, you can dramatically turnaround a school. The money is needed to: Renovate the school building, clean up the grounds, rebuild the bathrooms, fix the plumbing and the wiring To build well equipped […]

Strategy for Technology companies – Part I or THE RANT

This is my second post on the technology scene in Pakistan. The series got triggered by a request on a report card for the industry in Pakistan. Strategy for technology companies is something that has never really been discussed threadbare in Pakistan.  Most technology discussions start with a quick comparison with India (look how big […]

Alchemy on Hiring – the PASHA Career Expo Post 1

I am not exactly the role model for giving hiring advice since in my career to date I have only actively looked five times for a job. a) Immediately after school at FAST ICS (four offers) b) Four and a half years later when I was pissed at my boss for taking sides (one offer) […]

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PASHA Career Expo – Karachi, 16th June 2007

Three words. Don’t miss it I think it is the only industry event of its kind that not just brings geeks and their potential bosses together but: a) As an employer gives you the mileage and profile you deserve. Last year in Karachi, it was used as a benchmark to guage how well you were doing […]

Ken Morse and MIT on selling in Karachi

Ken Morse, Bill Aulet and David Spector, from MIT E-labs conducted a two day crash course on selling for new ventures in Karachi. The two day workshop had 80 odd registered participants, all of them pre-qualified by the organizers. It was well worth it. Ken and Bill will be back in June to do a […]

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