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Myths about Pakistan or an infrastructure rejoinder, three

Jehan did a post on This too is Pakistan, in October 2008. At the peak of distrust, despair and negativity coming out by the buckets in that month, she went out to highlight some of the many things that are right with this country. I didn’t get round to doing a follow up but Post […]

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The entrepreneurs’ prayer

Posted this long time back on the blogger blog. Here it is again.   O God! Behold, I ask of Thee the good through Thy knowledge, and ability through Thy power and beg (Thy favours) out of Thine infinite bounty. For behold Thou hast power; I have none. Thou Knowest, I know not; and Thou […]

Sticky rice and mangoes or building relationships

Sticky rice with mangoes is an interesting Thai desert. Take rice steamed in starch (hence sticky), pour a few spoons of sweetened coconut cream, sprinkle with cracked peanuts, and serve on a banana leaf with sliced mangoes. It brings out a mix of interesting flavors – slightly salted rice, crunchy peanuts, sweetened cream and ripe […]