Desi Back to Desh

Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges

old songs to make you cry

C is for cookie and its good enough for me.

30th September 2009, today, marked Taha’s 8th week at CAS Kindergarten section. Taha’s routine in the morning is a complete room by room tour of the school, including a handshake with the fire engine and Barney, and a landing at the Library before heading towards his class room where we hand him over to Noreen. […]

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Danny Elfman, Kingdom, Finale

Very few scores have moved me as much as the last minutes of Dany Elfman’s Kingdom’s finale.  It’s even more powerful if you have seen the movie and remember the ending scenes. And if you haven’t, you should. 

No, woman, no cry

Just two Youtube pieces. The first, Will Smith on Bob Marley. 2 minutes from I am Legend that had such a huge impact when Fawzia and I saw this movie last December on New Year ‘s Eve. The second, one of the most beautiful songs ever made. So when you are ready to give up […]

I hope you dance…

I still remember Lee Ann Womack singing these lines in Virginia in 2001. To the special child in my life and the many special children out there in others. Thank you for teaching us in months what we would have never learnt in an entire life time.   I hope you never lose your sense […]