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I want to be a chapatti when I grow up, or, a middle class rejoinder, two

I really don’t know the deal with why Lahoris write so much better than us Karachiites. (No offense intended) Witness Sepoy’s rant at Chapati Mystery on an NYT Oped by Patrick French on Pakistan. I wish I can write like this when I grow up…    

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More soothing snapshots from the rain forest

Apparently everyone has been seeing red for the last few days and my green and environmentally friendly electronic blog post about my day trip to the rain forest in Singapore, turned out to be a major eco-friendly hit. Here are more pictures from the same trip and the same forest. They are much worse than […]


Old friends…

Amir and I grew up together in Bombay. To be accurate the “togetherness” was the alternate summer we used to spend at our grandfather’s apartment on Club Road, right behind the YWCA, opposite Nair hospital. But the intensity of the experience was enough to make it last for the next two years. The summer we […]


Red light zones in Dubai…

Red lights at two am, late night, on Thursay (weekend night), in front of the convention center. Red lights at eight am in the morning on Friday, on way to the airport on Shaikh Zayed road. Things I have to do to get traffic on this page.



Malcolm Gladwell is better known as the author of Tipping point. Outliers promises to be the book that would out shadow the success of his first best seller. Here is a quote from the last page “It is impossible… for any other outlier for that matter, to look down from their lofty perch and say […]

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Morning walks…

Adding 50 pounds to your bulk and spraining your knee leaves you with one choice. You stop running and start walking. Since my first sprained knee, 7 years ago, I have learnt to love my early morning walks. Add December and single digit tempratures and the walk becomes even more lovable. Here is the one […]

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A child is a lamp…

A child is a lamp waiting to be lit, not a vessel that needs to be filled… Some of you, the oldest and closest of my readers, remember BBS; Baby Boy Salahuddin born on 19th February 2005 at his grandmother’s clinic and then rushed to AKU’s neo natal ICU on his first day on planet […]

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You know you are getting old….

And now for something from a completely different side of the menu… You know you are getting old when: The two primary items on your annual birthday bash are rest and sleep; The wild party at work you have been dreaming about all week is a lecture on probability of default models; The best gift […]

Gwadar road trip, quick review

It is between a 7 to 11 hour drive depending on the average speed you can maintain and the number of pit stops you make. Ideally you should do this in a group of vehicles so that if one of you breaks down there are a few handfuls of help around. Petrol is in short […]

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I hope you dance…

I still remember Lee Ann Womack singing these lines in Virginia in 2001. To the special child in my life and the many special children out there in others. Thank you for teaching us in months what we would have never learnt in an entire life time.   I hope you never lose your sense […]

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