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The evolution of a risk manager

Pakistan Risk Review – Editorial for the second issue As we wrapped up work on the second issue of Pakistan Risk Review, I sat down and took a few minutes to look back at my relationship with risk over the last decade. Just as this publication has evolved dramatically over the last 12 months, my […]

Why Pakistan Risk?

Marketing blurb, read at your own risk I liked David Beim as soon as I walked into his room. He had just graded my Corporate Finance exemption exam at Columbia and given me the permission to take a higher level course. The secretary of the Finance Faculty had asked me to come and meet him […]

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Editors’ Note, Pakistan Risk Review

Emerging markets require special attention. Standard models don’t apply, conventional wisdom doesn’t work and traditional thinking can quickly land you in uncharted and troubled territory. Pakistan as an economy is not that different from other emerging markets.   Like others we have our own personal challenges and demons. However given our special needs and situation […]

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Shameless marketing plug

Alchemy first workshop on the joint Alchemy and SP Jain platform will be held on the 15th and 16th of November in Dubai at the custom built SP Jain Campus Executive Education facility in Academic city. This would be our 7th international workshop following previous events in Dubai, Riyadh, Bangkok and Singapore. Since May 2007, I have […]

Strategy for Technology companies – Part I or THE RANT

This is my second post on the technology scene in Pakistan. The series got triggered by a request on a report card for the industry in Pakistan. Strategy for technology companies is something that has never really been discussed threadbare in Pakistan.  Most technology discussions start with a quick comparison with India (look how big […]

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