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Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges


The PASHA ICT Awards are here…

2005 – We are nominated for the financial application category and to our surprise pick up the first prize. 2006 – Seven of us land in Thailand on two separate flights after a wild night of crises set at the airports in Bahrain, Karachi, Bangkok and Chiang Mai. We represent PASHA and Pakistan on day […]

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Sticky rice and mangoes or building relationships

Sticky rice with mangoes is an interesting Thai desert. Take rice steamed in starch (hence sticky), pour a few spoons of sweetened coconut cream, sprinkle with cracked peanuts, and serve on a banana leaf with sliced mangoes. It brings out a mix of interesting flavors – slightly salted rice, crunchy peanuts, sweetened cream and ripe […]

Baan Deva Montra, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Finally, vacation time… On 22nd December, the six members of the combined Farid and Salahuddin families packed up their bags and trucked all the way down to Karachi airport to catch a plane to Thailand. Despite an empty flight and Thai’s silky smooth service, the flight was an interesting nightmare on account of one simple […]

What is it about orchids?

You decide…