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Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges


Scenes of mayhem…

I get to teach another course at S P Jain in Dubai and end up with a group open book, open laptop, open network final on a fine Friday morning after teaching till mid night the night before. Here are some scenes of anguish, pain, denial, rage and suffering from my lovely students. Nilesh (below) […]

How to catch a bad pitch – SI 7 – Karachi – one

Just follow FQ’s reaction as Yusuf Jan, Jawwad Farid, Owais Zaidi pitch their wares at the role playing session on pitching and trip miserably. Faisal played the rude and rough customer role, riding all over our combined egos and our pitches on Saturday. Luckily we were only able to get Mr. Zaidi’s plight on camera. […]

MIT BAP, Ken Morse, TAN and Pakistan

The setting was a small conference room at the Marriot in the year that was 2006. We had heard Ken Morse was making a brief stopover in town on his way to Isloo and Nida my MIT sister had managed to pick up four invitations from the MIT Club in Karachi. We were a very […]

Teaching at SP Jain, Singapore

Here is to a wold which is so much smaller and closer than the one I grew up in – where it is perfectly normal for a Pakitani practitioner to teach at an Indian University in Singapore. The program, Global and Executive MBA run by SP Jain Institute of Management and Research. The Instiute is […]

The myth of a unique idea – one

How important is it to start off with an idea that no one has ever thought of before. Something absolutely unique, different and able to stand up on its own. A concept that would win you grudging respect from your friends, colleagues, class mates and neighbors. “That is one smart dude” they’d whisper as they […]

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