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In memory of Nicole Dial

Please see Sana’s post on her blog about Nicole. This is not the Islam that we believe in or practice.

Road Trip, continued

The ride from Ormarah onwards was un-eventful. Once we left our luxurious pit stop and out house behind, we were all looking forward to our 5 star bathrooms at the Zaver PC, which was unfortunately only 290 odd kilometers westwards on a flat unwinding road. There were glimpses of distant waters and mounds of brackish […]

Road Trip…

This Saturday morning a bunch of alchemists, their significant others and friends from Lahore took the long road trip to Gawadar. This conspiracy was hatched by none other than our very own favourite cousin (as in MI6 and CIA) from Lahore, Jareer, with two members of the dev team who will remain unnamed. Unfortunately for […]

New models from Alchemy’s Gawadar Road trip.

Let me introduce: I can walk on air, very much in demand Fawwad, Hotshot movie star, politician, KU terror, or String lead vocalist Hyder, Don’t let my seriousness fool you, I can party as much as the next dude, Farhan, I am a model from model town, Hammad, Lord of the surf (now working for […]

State Bank raises discount rate by 100 bps

SBP raised the key discount rate by 100 bps this afternoon. The market is expected to take the smaller rate hike positively with yields on treasury bills and PIB heading lower. 6 month KIBOR this morning had declined to lower level after yesterday’s meeting with Bank Presidents. Interbank rates are expected to slide lower in […]

400 short of 100,000 hits

December 2006 is when DesiBackToDesh moved from blogger to its new home on WordPress. I had started blogging in October 2004 and at the time of the move had been posting infrequently (some things never change) for about 2 years when the big move happened. In those first two years we booked 14,000 hits on […]

Thank you Naeem and Imran

To this day about 20 years ago I was introduced to two coaches of Pakistan Railway’s track and field team. Naeem and Imran, who thought me everything I know about running and endurance. Twenty years later when a thirty seven year old overweight, out of shape, father of three outpaced and out endured a young […]

The last lecture screening at Alchemy

Today at about 12 pm we did a snap screening of the last lecture. It sort of served as an office warming party, an orientation for the most recent member of the Alchemy team and yet more free food. Some of us had already downloaded and seen Randy’s performance at CMU. This was a chance […]

Now playing – Old songs to make you cry…

Superman… I can’t stand to flyI’m not that naiveI’m just out to findThe better part of me I’m more than a bird…I’m more than a planeMore than some pretty face beside a trainIt’s not easy to be me Wish that I could cryFall upon my kneesFind a way to lieAbout a home I’ll never see […]

Now that is what I call broad band…

Switched over to Maxcom at home and finally after two years have real broad band at home. We killed the two Cybernet DSL pipes at the office, the one at my home as well as two more at the homes of our directors. All in all that represented about 20,000 per month in Cybernet revenue […]

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