Desi Back to Desh

Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges

the book.

Here you go Mohtashim

Here is my well thumbed copy of Reboot (the book) on my startup bookshelf along with other well thumbed titles. And for those of my friends who have difficulty reading anything other than IBM manuals on Strategy in Bulgaria and Dubai (yes that means you Adnan), this edition also has lots of pretty pictures, at […]


She beat me to it…

There is nothing to make your day like a taste of good old fashioned mutual admiration society (MAS). And when it comes to blogging to send a little bit of MAS your way, no one does it better than my friend Jehan. Now if only some of my other missing in action friends (yes, this […]


My crazy ride to see my word in print

For more than a decade of my life I was a professional student (which means that I worked, took exams on the side for a professional designation and waited for a very long time to add three letters against my name). A chapter that started in the monsoons of ’89 in Bombay finally closed itself […]