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Winter cleaning Sale – Stable Work Desks, LCD Monitors & Chairs

We finally decided to clean up our storage unit and get rid of our excess monitors. ┬áIf you are interested drop me a line at jawwad at the rate alchemya dot com to set an appointment for this Saturday or Monday morning to see the equipment. The desk were especially designed after a full tour […]


Understanding Delta Hedging & Greeks – Technical interview guide and text book.

Understanding Delta Hedging & Greeks – Technical Interview Guide Till November 30th, take $60 off the cover price when you order your electronic copy. The package include a 71 page study guide and 3 supplementary Excel Spreadsheets that focus on Monte Carlo Simulation of Dynamic Delta Hedging, Calculation of Cash PnL & Dissection of Option […]

Building social media presence for a new online financial training startup.

Our Social Media portfolio is still a work in progress but what was started by Scheheryar Khan in June is really taking solid shape. This is in addition to our YouTube, Facebook & Linkedin pages. Lots of wrong turns and dead ends but great education all the same. In terms of traffic and sales generation, […]

Karachi Riding School – Hippotherapy for special needs children in Karachi.

Haseeb Mehta learned a valuable lesson as a polo player in Lahore in a different life. Learning to ride a horse goes beyond just riding an animal. It’s about building a relationship, a partnership with another living being using language that is not taught in any school. The end result when the conversation works, as […]

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Karachi Kites at the Karachi Horse Riding School

I had always wanted to do this but never had the right camera, lights, poses or models. This morning while Taha did his hippotherapy session with Haseeb at the Karachi Riding School, Fawzia and I found a couple of cooperative Karachi Kites who were lazy (on unaware) enough to act as models. No words are […]

Dear Sergey and Larry…

Dear Sergey and Larry Greetings from the land of the pure. I am sure you have heard of our lovely country (official motto: we are in the news again) and the more than 8 million loyal Google customers who are slightly miffed at you. We are the ones who advertise online using Adwords and Admob, […]

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Plan 9, P@SHA, PITB – Tech Startup Incubation Pitching competition – IBA Main Campus – Sep 2012

This Saturday, the main Campus IBA Auditorium was buzzing with activity. It was time for twenty student teams to pitch their ideas for the 5 Plan 9-P@SHA-PITB Incubation seats up for grabs. The format was a short verbal, non visual pitch, followed by judging, followed by a day of mentoring, followed by a second round […]

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USAID – The real case against Rafi Peer Theater?

USAID sullies Sesame Street, Henson Family and Rafi Peer Theater & creates a diplomatic nightmare for the State Department across Art for Children world. Today is the last working day before Eid in Pakistan. It’s a Saturday so you would generally expect things to be slow. They are not. The week after Eid also marks […]

Understanding ALM and Calculating Value at Risk iBooks featured on the Apple iTunes store

How is that for a birthday gift? The Apple iTunes store features two of our iBooks for iPad titles in the New and Noteworthy featured section in Finance. The Featured in Finance titles include Understanding ALM and Calculating Value at Risk. A job well done by an outstanding team. Keep an eye out for our […]

SBP Cuts the discount rate by 150 bps in the MP announcement on 10 August 2012

The State Bank of Pakistan today surprised pundits and analysts by cutting the discount rate by 150 basis points. Markets had priced in a 50 bps cut and some analyst had forecasted room for 100 bps downward adjustment. SBP’s aggressive tone surprised analysts and is likely to be welcome by the business community. However the […]

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