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August, 2008

Evul Boss One – Arrival

With due apologies to Omen One, Star Wars III, First Blood one, Evil dead one and all the other ones out there, Alchemy Technologies proudly presents their new widescreen hit – Evul Boss One Brought to you by the daring camera work done by the team from the first floor Scene One – Alchemy Campus […]

This calls for a blog post…

No comments. Unconfirmed email source, couldn’t get confirmation on the MarcFaber website since the content is no longer public. No offense intended but still read at your own risk. Dr. Marc Faber concluded his monthly bulletin (June 2008) with the following:“The federal government is sending each of us a $600 rebate. If we spend that […]

I wish I could write like this…

Sally Jenkins story at the Post, comparing Phelp and Usain Bolt amazing feats at the 2008 Olympics highlights the many ways one can win or write. Where for some of us natural endowment plays a part in how we fare in life while for others it is an extended 8 year plan with discipline that […]


The measure of a man is not how he begins things, but how he ends them.

You know you are getting old….

And now for something from a completely different side of the menu… You know you are getting old when: The two primary items on your annual birthday bash are rest and sleep; The wild party at work you have been dreaming about all week is a lecture on probability of default models; The best gift […]

The pen is mightier than the sword…

This, btw, marks my 200th post. Every once in a while I should utter something meaningful. Wanted to say all of this, but she said it much better than I ever could. Make up your own minds, I just do the forwarding. Of all the hype, the noise and horse shit floating around at this […]

Happy birthday to me

My favorite number now for a decade and a half: Streets of Philadelphia, by the Boss: I was bruised and batteredAnd I couldn’t tell what I feltI was unrecognizable to myselfSaw my reflection in a windowI didn’t know my own face Oh brother are you gonna leave me wasting awayOn the streets of Philadelphia I […]

In memory of Nicole Dial

Please see Sana’s post on her blog about Nicole. This is not the Islam that we believe in or practice.

The state of the Pakistani Economy – part ii

(This post follows on the comments made in my previous post “The rise and fall of the Pakistani Rupee“) Entrepreneurs are the most irrational of all creatures. We see hope and optimism, when the rest of the world sees doom and gloom. While our internal outlook at times may turn to despair (we never have […]

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Gwadar road trip, quick review

It is between a 7 to 11 hour drive depending on the average speed you can maintain and the number of pit stops you make. Ideally you should do this in a group of vehicles so that if one of you breaks down there are a few handfuls of help around. Petrol is in short […]

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