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January, 2009

Old friends…

Amir and I grew up together in Bombay. To be accurate the “togetherness” was the alternate summer we used to spend at our grandfather’s apartment on Club Road, right behind the YWCA, opposite Nair hospital. But the intensity of the experience was enough to make it last for the next two years. The summer we […]


Making music the Zakir Hussain way…

When Mama mentioned Friday afternoon that he had two tickets for the Zakir Hussain show the same evening, I was tempted. I am a big tabla fan and I had heard about but never seen Ustaad (Maestro) Zakir Jee in action. I had no idea what I was in for… Zakir Hussain and the Sangam […]

Where art thou, Brother Vickram?

Fellow evil genius, malcontent, subversive influence on unsuspecting minds, and past accomplice in nefarious criminal schemes surrounding Mohtashim’s ipod.


Two homemade turkey sandwiches with mustard on whole wheat bread and a glass of sugary fruit punch… If that doesn’t get you going to teach a three hour class, nothing will.

The new business class check in at Karachi airport

On my way in through the passenger’s entrance, I saw a brand new CAA sign advertising the KASB business and first class passengers check in. In I went and broke a new all time land speed record: The category: From the entrance to the business class lounge The time: Less than 5 minutes I know […]

Teaching the dreamer course again

In Dubai, teaching the entrepreneurship course from today till the end of the month. More later

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Rupee dollar parity – two

As per Ansar’s request, here is a breakdown of our imports for December 2008. All figures in ‘000 US$. Food Groups    236,176   Machinery   486,280   Mobile phones      10,149 Transport   107,040   Petrochemicals   403,592   Textiles   132,305   All others    761,520             […]

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The Rupee dollar outlook

The slow down and the correction has finally hit the trade numbers. The bad news is that compared to the previous month, December exports fell by about 14% in dollar terms. The good news is that imports fell by 22% and the balance of trade is now down to only 800 million US dollars. Foreign […]

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Funding for dummies…four

And finally no financing deal ever goes through without relationships and credibility. Relationships open the door and get you time; credibility gets you to the term sheet. The sooner you build up your stock of these two elements the faster you can get to capital – debt or equity.

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Funding for dummies…three

We met Wilson Tan on a trade trip across China. In just over a week, thirty technology companies from the Asia Pacific region covered 3 cities and one hundred Chinese partners, trying to understand the opportunity that was China. Wilson was the President of the organizing body, (the outgoing President of Mercury interactive and on […]

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