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March, 2009

The bottom is here …

On 3rd August 2008, I wrote the first depressing post of the season. Titled there goes your coolant, here comes your core, it more or less captured how I felt about the economy and the state of our firm. A number of other posts followed in the next few months with the same theme with […]


I want to be a chapatti when I grow up, or, a middle class rejoinder, two

I really don’t know the deal with why Lahoris write so much better than us Karachiites. (No offense intended) Witness Sepoy’s rant at Chapati Mystery on an NYT Oped by Patrick French on Pakistan. I wish I can write like this when I grow up…    

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Myths about Pakistan – a rant, or a middle class rejoinder – one

The inspiration for this post came from the responses to tech Lahore Post Modern Pakistan post. Not the post but the cynics who turned out in large numbers to remind us how bad things are today and how much worse they have become over the years. I am obviously not as educated or as well […]

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Feedback is a gift…

Fair usage warning: This post may be classified as a marketing plug Michael Feiner retired as the Chief People Officer at Pepsi and before long ended up teaching a higher performance leadership course at Columbia. The course was based on a book that came out a few years later as Feiner points. Mike started the […]

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Poetic justice

After ordering really bad food by phone or having no food at all or having food bought 8 hours ago and left to cool down in my mini fridge on four separate trips to Singapore, I find out that there is this really nice little Bali restaurant, right across the road from the SP Jain […]

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More soothing snapshots from the rain forest

Apparently everyone has been seeing red for the last few days and my green and environmentally friendly electronic blog post about my day trip to the rain forest in Singapore, turned out to be a major eco-friendly hit. Here are more pictures from the same trip and the same forest. They are much worse than […]


The best free entertainment in Singapore

I have been teaching at SP Jain’s Singapore campus since 2007. Since 2007 I had been cooking up plans of making it to the Bukit Timah nature reserve right in the middle of Singapore. This trip the plans finally came through despite last minute nap attacks, late nights, later mornings and a crazy work schedule. […]

How to feel like Larry Ellison in Karachi at 8 am on a Sunday morning.

Lush green lawns, three F-104 star fighters, numerous Migs, F-86 Sabers and, F-6 sprinkled across an old converted run way that now serves as ample space for a hyper active kid to run around and find himself. Powerful GE, Pratt and Whitney and Rolls Royce engines, friendly gardeners and museum keepers who recognize our family […]


The essence of a business plan competition

Professor Grandhi at SP Jain is a new friend who had been after me to share my thoughts about what business plan competition at a business school should look like. The post goes out to him and all other promoters of entrepreneurship who believe that we should catch this generation young. Preferably corrupt their minds […]


Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment workshop on the 14th of March

Sad, that the only post that I have been able to take out time for in the last two months is a marketing plug for the Alchemy ICAAP workshop. More, non-plug materials to follow, post the workshop. Hang in there….

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