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The bottom is here …

On 3rd August 2008, I wrote the first depressing post of the season. Titled there goes your coolant, here comes your core, it more or less captured how I felt about the economy and the state of our firm. A number of other posts followed in the next few months with the same theme with some very interesting results. I actually got a number of phone calls from friends inquiring if Alchemy was shutting down (for the record, we don’t have any immediate plans of satisfying our detractors). The theme however stayed. The sky is falling, we are done for, conserve cash and I need a miracle right about now.

Today, a full eight months later, despite the events in Lahore yesterday, and my interaction with my all favorite client (not), I think it is fairly safe for me to go out there on a limb and say the recession is over, we have bottomed out and it is now all uphill from now. So leverage yourself to the hilt and start buying.

I will do the rationale later, but for now, go forth and spend.

Remember you heard it here first.