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Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges

You were saying, a rejoinder four…

Look here and here. There is more behind the G-20 and Nato protests than these selective images show case. The violence is hard to ignore but it overshadows the cause, the concept, the organization or the impact.

So if I was the only source of information you had, my commentary the basis of your opinion, these pictures the foundation of your impressions, would you say that it was about time to write off London, parts of France and Germany, all together. Most of western civilization, maybe; pack up and head home, possibly.

Then why is it so farfetched and incredible to think that you shouldn’t write off my home, on the basis of obnoxious and misinformed NYT Op-eds, WSJ commentary, CNN and FOX News hatchet jobs.

I can’t hear you in all this silence!


And if you thought this was a once in a life time exotic extreme case of random violence please take a look at these snap shots from the Paris riots in 2005.

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