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August, 2009

Short showers

Two days of heat, 30 minutes of drizzle and thunder… While inside, we carry on a torrid love affair with Treasury One accounting and FX reconciliation… Who says romance and accounting don’t mix.

Here you go Mohtashim

Here is my well thumbed copy of Reboot (the book) on my startup bookshelf along with other well thumbed titles. And for those of my friends who have difficulty reading anything other than IBM manuals on Strategy in Bulgaria and Dubai (yes that means you Adnan), this edition also has lots of pretty pictures, at […]


She beat me to it…

There is nothing to make your day like a taste of good old fashioned mutual admiration society (MAS). And when it comes to blogging to send a little bit of MAS your way, no one does it better than my friend Jehan. Now if only some of my other missing in action friends (yes, this […]


Omen II?

289 Posts, 666 comments, 300,000 page hits, 3 years after I discover blogging as an outlet for my rants… And my top twenty referrals are from the evil search engine from the evil empire in Redmond, named after my favorite features editor from Fortune.

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My crazy ride to see my word in print

For more than a decade of my life I was a professional student (which means that I worked, took exams on the side for a professional designation and waited for a very long time to add three letters against my name). A chapter that started in the monsoons of ’89 in Bombay finally closed itself […]



I have now been doing this “risk” business for more than a decade. Eleven years ago, right about this time, I was rudely introduced to my first risk application. Fresh from my actuarial exams, I was stumped on an interview question dealing with moments of a distribution. I have read the material, struggled with it, […]

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Pakistan’s Macro Economic Snapshot – July

A Pakistan Risk Review Extract Inflation (Year on Year): The non-food, non- energy (NFNE) core inflation index, has begun responding to a decline in the inflationary series and as at July 2009 stands at 14%. CPI, WPI and core inflation are year-on-year figures, i.e. they represent the percentage change in index during a month over […]

Happy Birth day to me.

Two years short of turning 40, it has been a very educational year. Where would I be today without my friends and family. Age is definitely beginning to show its signs. Wild all nighters at work are now so much more difficult. I prefer my own bed/room/home over other exotic locations. Travelling is now a […]

Pakistan Macro Economic Profile – Earlier this year

Here is an extract from Pakistan Risk Review’s second volume. This is where we were earlier this year. Pakistan’s Macro Economic Snapshot – March& April 09 Inflation (Year on Year): After peaking in August 2008, the consumer price index (CPI) and wholesale price index (WPI) have declined. The non-food, non- energy (NFNE) core inflation index, […]

Good data, models, instincts and statistics.

Risk and transaction systems differ in many ways. But they both suffer from a common ailment – Good data and working models. On a risk platform the integrity of the data set is dependent on the underlying transaction platform and the quality of data feeds. Keeping the incoming stream of information clean and ensuring that […]

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