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September, 2009

C is for cookie and its good enough for me.

30th September 2009, today, marked Taha’s 8th week at CAS Kindergarten section. Taha’s routine in the morning is a complete room by room tour of the school, including a handshake with the fire engine and Barney, and a landing at the Library before heading towards his class room where we hand him over to Noreen. […]

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My new belly button

Somehow after talking about Pakistan Risk Review and new venture failure and Reboot for the last few months it seems quite odd to a do a post about my new belly button. I mean what would the neighbors think? Here is the scoop. Last Thursday after experimenting with three different families of antibiotics over three […]

Help, my blog has been hijacked by a digital ghost.

Every morning I change the theme back to my ultra sweet, three column, nearly spring variant. Every evening, somehow it revert backs to a dull, blue, personality free, nightmare. Text is text, content is content, and as long as my readers are cool, I am cool. But I so like the nearly spring theme. Helpppppppppppppp

A review, a review, my kingdom for a review

Finally, courtesy of Salman Latif at the Book Review blog, a review of Reboot, Second edition. ‘Reboot – in search for the land of opportunity’ is not the sort of book you usually find on stores. Take a quick walk down the shelve-lanes of bookstores and you’d find hundreds of self-help books with success stories […]

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Reboot now available on Readers Club, Karachi

For those of you who were waiting to get a copy from your local friendly library, here is the link to the book on the Readers Club site in Karachi. The book is in stock now.

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Hans Rosling, Gapminder & Google.

Two days ago I received a cryptic email from a prospective client. It had a link and a simple “Take a look at this please.” I did. I recommend that you do the same. Hans Rosling and Google together have done more for statistics with their tool, their presentation and their data aggregation than all […]

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Product placements

Imran Zia does a totally ingenious product placement for both Reboot and Tell My Story on the TMS Blog. Take the red pill and then press the red button to see the slideshow. The book has started popping up in all sort of interesting locations.

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The Society of Actuaries interview

Sam Philips interview for the Actuary was the first published review received by BSOD/Reboot. Though a little dated, it is still relevant. Sam also talks about the book in a sidebar

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The original Blue Screen of Death Launch post

A walk down memory lane, old backup drives and fossilized emails produced this mail shot from early 2006. How’s that for perspective? At the business school orientation for new arrivals, a fellow student asked me why I was at Columbia. My response drew a look of confusion – “I always wanted to write a book, […]

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Chotay Nana.

There was nothing choti (small) about him. Over 6 foot tall, with an equally impressive all white beard, a booming voice and a bogeyman repute, our mother and our khalas used to scare us with the Chotay Nana (the younger/smaller grandfather) threat. “You’d better behave yourself, otherwise I will call Chotay Nana”, followed by a […]

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